Alshaya people

Your career is a lifelong journey of learning, growth, and experience. We make every effort to engage and inspire our employees because we know that their growth is our success.

When you join Alshaya, you will discover people who bring energy and drive to their roles. We seek the best and expect the best of the people we employ. In turn, we offer a wide range of career opportunities and employee benefits.

If you want to be part of the Alshaya family and join our ongoing success story, we want to hear from you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, but you think you have what it takes, you can register your CV with us for future opportunities.

Ali Chahine

Ali Chahine

Alshaya is the place to be - I have been with Alshaya for over ten years. I have had the opportunity to grow my career diversely, most recently promoted as Director of Group Customer Service.

I started my career with Alshaya as an Area Manager for Boots. I had the pleasure of launching Boots in Saudi Arabia. Two and a half years into the role, I decided to move into a support function and became the head of recruitment in Saudi Arabia, responsible for all Alshaya brands. This was a fantastic opportunity to help broaden my knowledge and widen my skill set. After three years in recruitment, I went back into operations with M.A.C and then Boots, where I was promoted to Senior Operations Manager looking after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

I recently got promoted to Director of Group Customer Service, where I am now responsible for overseeing the Alshaya contact centre and the customer experience teams. Leading the customer happiness agenda for Alshaya, ensuring a seamless customer and colleague experience.

Throughout my journey, I have had access to excellent mentors, and great training programmes, which Alshaya provides as part of the people focus on the organisation.

Working in a large organisation such as Alshaya means opportunities present themselves which you might not have considered – I would encourage you to go for them!

Richard Broadey

Richard Broadey

I joined Alshaya as a Store Manager at a relatively young age of 26 with eight years of retail experience behind me working for a leading UK retailer. I got exposed to new cultures and nationalities and a wide area of responsibility.

As I continued my career path in Alshaya, the exposure to big projects and new responsibilities has continued, which has been key to my growth. I have been fortunate enough to have great support around me, and this is what there is an abundance of at Alshaya. This support has allowed me to push through my distinct roles and learn from many failures. I have worked with some great leaders and have had line managers who supported me and gave me the space and autonomy to lead.

From a Debenhams flagship Store Manager to looking after retail operations in five different countries as an Area Manager with Jo Malone and Le Labo - my current role is managing the distribution and logistics of over 26 brands. Alshaya has offered more in terms of development, both technical and behavioural, than I could have ever imagined possible back in 2013.

Alshaya, for me, is a network of great leaders, great support, and great opportunities.

Dina Hammoud

Dina Hammoud

Many organisations look for "ready-made" experienced employees, but only an elite few believe in and nurture potential. I was lucky to have started a career in an organisation that adopted me entirely.

I started in Alshaya as a Sales Associate learning the basics of customer service and product knowledge.

After a couple of years of fully embracing that experience, my need for more growth was itching. I knocked on the Head Office doors, and I got welcomed into the world of HR as a Recruitment Officer. The demand for high performance was apparent, and increased support was offered in return. From mentoring to coaching to training, you name it!

Years passed, and Alshaya became my family. Families push you to test your limits further, so I moved from Recruitment into Central HR, where I found myself entirely. I needed more mentoring, coaching, training, and I got all of it. I worked hard. I was believed in. I was trusted. I strived and kept moving, kept learning, and growing.

Sweat and hard work pay off in the right environment, and this is where I was, am and will be.

Mary Ann Lopez

Mary Ann Lopez

I started my career with Alshaya as a Sous Chef for P.F. Chang's in 2012. Since then, I have been involved in many restaurant openings spanning multiple regions. Within two years, I got promoted to an Executive Chef in Abu Dhabi, and now I am the Market Chef for Bahrain, KSA and the UAE. Alshaya ensures you are provided with the right tools and programmes for career growth.

Working for P.F. Chang's means that I am surrounded by great and passionate leaders who celebrate life, family, food and, most importantly, believe in creating memorable guest experiences. I genuinely feel an alignment between my values and the company values.

Alshaya is a goal-driven company that is constantly evolving. We work in a family culture where everyone is treated equally and cultural diversity is respected.

"Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building" – Brian Tracy.

For me, Alshaya is the right building.