World-class management

Alshaya's proven track record of international brand franchising is built on the skills and knowledge of Alshaya's management team. Our leadership community has collectively worked with many of the world's leading retail, food, leisure and hospitality brands. This wealth of experience lets us deliver authentic brand experiences and continually evolve and adapt to changing customer needs.

  • We know the power of partnership. Our focus on supporting the mutual goals of our business and those of our brand partners has fuelled successful portfolio growth across multiple markets.
  • Our Chief Executive Officer, supported by the guidance and leadership of our Executive Chairman, drives the overall direction of the business.
  • Five operating divisions focus on the performance and success of our brands. Within these divisions, individual brands have dedicated management in place, with strong regional teams in every market to drive consistent operational standards and share best practice across all markets.
  • Functional teams for HR, Finance, Digital & Marketing, IT, Property, Logistics and Central Operations provide central specialist support and help ensure consistently high standards of services and customer experience across our markets. Common policies, metrics and reporting systems provide an enterprise-wide view of performance.