QUEST opens in Kuwait

13 Sep 2021

New leisure and entertainment concept from Alshaya Group launches in the Middle East

QUEST, a new leisure and entertainment concept has arrived in Kuwait, bringing with it a creative blend of competitive, immersive, and interactive play. Unique to the Middle East, QUEST is an exciting new concept in family-orientated social active leisure, combining technology and physical activity to promote fun, fitness and healthy competition.

QUEST opens in Kuwait

Conceived and operated by Alshaya Group, the leading international retailer and an award-winning leisure and entertainment operator, QUEST's multi-zone indoor arenas, located in The Avenues, challenges players of all age groups to test their own strategy, speed, agility, awareness and bravery.

QUEST opens in Kuwait

The QUEST urban playground includes two internal arenas which incorporate multiple complex but interconnected, activity zones. The "Junior TAG Arena" is the only kind of its type in the world and is designed for children up to the age of eight. The second arena is open to everyone above 120cm in height.

Both arenas involve games that combine physical and mental challenges. Placed throughout both arenas, and within the different activities, are 'TAGs' which glow in different colours, according to a computer-controlled points system. Points are collected by players through wristbands equipped with electronic sensors which automatically log on to a TAG light source. As players identify and reach more TAGs, their scores escalate. The harder the challenge, the more points they can win. Strategy plays a part in each game; is it better to collect more but lower value TAG points, or attempt harder tasks with fewer TAGs but which are individually worth more?

Players select and take on their QUEST (Main TAG, Junior TAG or Ariel Assault). Individual games last 20 minutes with a short break. Quest involves some physical activity and players are advised to wear suitable leisure clothing. Players are also provided with appropriate footwear upon entry.

Fernando Medora, Vice President of Entertainment at Alshaya Group said: "QUEST combines physical and mental agility in an entertaining package for all the family. We are keen to bring progressive, exciting and new concepts to the region, and are very proud to launch QUEST, this first-of-a-kind arena in Kuwait, to offer visitors an unforgettable experience."

"QUEST mixes technology with real-world experiences and encourages kids, teens, tweens, and young adults to safely physically interact with each other and not just the screen. A lot of time and thought has gone into creating QUEST, which we hope will turn out to be a perfect combination of mental stimulation, fun, fitness, and a great way to bond with family and friends."

A day spent at QUEST allows youngsters and adults alike to give their minds and body an active and competitive workout. It encourages players to compete with friends, engage in physical activities and leaps towards a healthier version of themselves. They can test their own limits and set themselves goals after evaluating how well they did. During games, players can check the stats to see how well they are faring against others, and channel their competitive nature to recover if they are trailing behind. Alternatively, they can bask in the glory when they hit the top of the scoreboard.

QUEST is located at The Mall - The Avenues, 1st Floor, and is open seven days a week.