Alshaya Technical announced as Master Distributor of Thermoplan AG in the MENA region

13 Nov 2022

Alshaya Technical, an entity of one of the world’s leading international retail franchise operators Alshaya Group, is proud to announce its partnership with Swiss Quality Coffee Equipment provider Thermoplan AG. The agreement outlines Alshaya Technical, provider of coffee equipment and service solutions, as the authorised and designated Master Distributor of the Black&White range of fully automatic coffee machines and equipment across 10 countries in the MENA region.

As part of the new partnership, Alshaya Technical will be equipped to offer high-performance professional coffee machines from Thermoplan that are commercially used in restaurants, cafes, offices, and other establishments where coffee equipment is essential to their operations. 

Alshaya Technical announced as Master Distributor of Thermoplan AG in the MENA region

Thermoplan’s range includes the innovative Black&White4 neo, designed for lower volume businesses like offices, hotels, and small bakeries with an output of 20 to 100 cups per day, through to the Black&White4, the premier fully automatic machine with the latest technology delivering up to 500 cups per day. The entire range combines excellent product quality, high performance, and innovation.

"We are excited to collaborate with Thermoplan to redefine coffee experiences for our business partners and their customers across the region through an amazing range of equipment. Thermoplan’s industry-leading reputation and unmatched support network provides us with the peace of mind that our valued customers will receive exceptional service every time”, said John Hadden, CEO of Alshaya Group. 

Alshaya Technical announced as Master Distributor of Thermoplan AG in the MENA region

Regularly trained and certified by international equipment manufacturer partners, Alshaya Technical’s team ensure their B2B customers receive the same exceptional service standard, wherever they operate. Thermoplan certifies all of the Alshaya technicians through a programme of training the team directly at the factory in Switzerland, and in the market. 

“We are proud to have Alshaya Group as a strong partner in the MENA region. The Master Distributor certification is not only an official recognition of Alshaya's performance and top customer service but is also a sign that together, we want to offer end-customers the best coffee experience,” stated Adrian Steiner, CEO of Thermoplan. 

For nearly 20 years, Thermoplan has been Starbucks’ exclusive global supplier of the Mastrena coffee machines, including in Alshaya’s Starbucks stores, with technologically advanced and trend-setting machines that deliver world-class coffee in all Starbucks stores worldwide. 

Currently, Alshaya utilises Thermoplan’s innovative Black&White coffee machines in its popular food brands, including The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack.