Frequently asked questions


A. The PRIVILEGES CLUB is the new loyalty programme that recognises and rewards customers who shop and dine at the 75+ global retail brands operated by M.H. Alshaya Co.

Q. How does the PRIVILEGES CLUB work?

A. The PRIVILEGES CLUB rewards you for shopping and dining at Alshaya stores and restaurants, in several ways: by updating you about new offers and promotions from your favorite brands and also by sending you exclusive offers on products from your favorite brands; tailored just for you.

Q. Who can join the PRIVILEGES CLUB?

A. Anyone who lives in one of the countries PRIVILEGES CLUB is available in. The member has to register with a valid mobile number. You also need to have a valid civil / national ID in your country of registration.

Q. In what countries is the PRIVILEGS CLUB available?

A. The programme is currently available in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

Q. Can I use my PRIVILEGES CLUB card or app in other countries besides my country of registration?

A. You can use your PRIVILEGES CLUB card or app in any country the programme is live in. You may present your card or app while shopping and dining in any participating Alshaya store.

Q. Can I use PRIVILEGES CLUB in Starbucks?

A. Currently, you cannot use your card or app in Starbucks.

Q. How is the PRIVILEGES CLUB personalised to me? How will you make me feel special?

A. When you select your favourite brands in the mobile app, you let us know your lifestyle preferences - where you like to shop and dine. Based on this, we create special offers and promotions only for you.

Q. Is my personal information safe?

A. Yes, all you need to register for the PRIVILEGES CLUB is your email address and mobile number. The privacy settings on the app are customisable and your information is secure. We take our privacy policy very seriously. To read our privacy policy, please visit or refer to the privacy policy section in the app.

Q. What if I have queries, complaints or suggestions?

A. We would love to hear your feedback. If you have any queries, complaints or suggestions, you can share them with us either through the mobile app or by getting in touch with the Alshaya Customer Service in your country.

Q. Can I turn off notifications in my PRIVILEGES CLUB app?

A. Yes, you can. Just log on to the app, turn off notifications in the My Preferences option in the My Account tab.

Q. How can I delete my account?

A. You can delete your account by contacting Alshaya Customer Service in your country.