The Body Shop launches new concept BEAUTY WITH HEART at 2nd Avenue - The Avenues

BEAUTY WITH HEART comes to life through the new Pulse boutiques, where amazing products, values, and experts come together under one roof

Looking Good, Feeling Good, Doing Good is a powerful combination that gives customers the confidence to express themselves with attitude and infectious energy

The Body Shop invited the media in Kuwait to tour the new concept store in 2nd Avenue - The Avenues on May 29, 2013. BEAUTY WITH HEART is the name of the new beauty movement which challenges convention and pushes the boundaries of beauty. It aims to create a community of individuals who are united in their belief that beauty is more than skin deep.

Members of the media were encouraged to try on the different products, indulge in the free makeovers, talk to the staff, listen to stories behind each of the products, and understand how the Pulse store reflects the five core values at The Body Shop: Protect the Planet, Activate Self Esteem, Defend Human Rights, Support Community Fair Trade and Against Animal Testing.

Incorporating cutting edge design, top quality materials and natural imagery, the boutique-style Pulse store creates a warm, welcoming space to excite and enthuse people about The Body Shop products and values.

Taking centre stage in every Pulse store are two natural, wooden, Story Selling Tables with products, makeup and a “Create Your Own” gift area. Acting as a dedicated interactive “island” which invites customers to touch, smell and test products, the tables are a place for people to engage with store teams, discover new products and learn about The Body Shop values.

The theme, BEAUTY WITH HEART is the combined power of Looking Good, Feeling Good, and Doing Good.

Looking Good as a result of The Body Shop products that are powered by nature and rich in the highest quality ingredients.

Feeling Good as a result of the textures and fragrances that burst out of The Body Shop products onto the skin, in combination with the knowledge that the products come from an inherently ethical brand and our positive Activate Self Esteem stance.

Doing Good through engaging with a brand that takes concrete actions to help others through its Community Fair Trade programme, its campaigns, its commitment to animal welfare and its endeavour to Protect the Planet.