‘The Future of Fun’ is Finally Here as Tekzone Opens in Kuwait!

All-new family entertainment attraction with a futuristic twist at the Avenues, Phase IV 

Imagine being transported to the future over flying cars, walking through a bushy jungle amongst wild creatures, or exploring the underwater world whilst being immersed in the ultimate entertainment experience! Families in Kuwait can now step into the future of fun as TEKZONE officially opened yesterday at the Avenues’ new Phase IV extension at the Forum Area.

TEKZONE gives families and friends a futuristic and fun entertainment experience with over 100 attractions and rides to select from, including those based on the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

Tekzone Opens in Kuwait

The newly debuted attraction brings in several exclusive concepts that are seen for the very first time in the world, the Middle East and in Kuwait. Covering a total area of 4,250 square meter, TEKZONE features the first in the world VR Bumper Cars that take riders into a fascinating outer space experience, the first in the Middle East finger coaster with the option to design one’s own track and enjoy riding in a VR simulator roller coaster, the first in the Middle East interactive 360 rotating room with a range of dynamic 3D games, and Kuwait’s first augmented reality wall, combining motion tracking and projected graphics to create fun and interactive challenges. 

In addition to a wide range of VR and AR experiences, TEKZONE also offers an interactive, safe Toddler’s Play Area, a huge Soft Play Area for younger kids, digitally-enhanced escape rooms with three exciting themes, adrenaline-packed physical and skills games, and an arcade and redemption area with many popular games.

Tekzone Opens in Kuwait

Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure and Entertainment Division at M.H. Alshaya Co. said: “The introduction of TEKZONE as the latest concept within the Leisure and Entertainment Division unveils a new dimension in the future of fun in Kuwait. By introducing technologically advanced concepts like virtual and augmented reality, TEKZONE is guaranteed to offer an unforgettable, game-changing entertainment experience to the whole family, whilst immersing them in a futuristic, state-of-the-art attractions.” 

With over 85 video projections across the floor along with over 70 screens and LED screens, visitors will be transported into another dimension that alternates between three themes: ocean, jungle and future city. 

Visitors of TEKZONE are encouraged to purchase and scan their unique ‘Time Mission’ Bracelet in front of every attraction to collect points knows as ‘Crystals’ as they play, redeemable against giveaways or free rides. Visitors looking for a break from all the fun can grab a quick bite at any of TEKZONE’s food outlets: Starbucks, Raising Cane’s and the snack stand.

TEKZONE launches in Kuwait

Whilst in TEKZONE, look for Zo who comes from the distant planet Zeta, light years ahead of Earth in technology. Zo is on a mission to spread fun across the universe. So, he travelled back in time and space, to reach his first destination – Earth, and take the children of Kuwait on the next ride to the future of fun! 

TEKZONE is situated at The Forum Basement, Phase IV - The Avenues. To discover more about TEKZONE, follow them on Facebook or Instagram on @TEKZONEME