H&M HOME Summer 2017 – Turquoise Shades, Bohemian Details and Natural Materials

Let's head outdoors for relaxed mealtimes and long days at the beach. Casual living on tropical islands sets the stage for H&M Home this summer with turquoise shades, bohemian details and natural materials.

COLOURS: Colours inspired by the ocean and lush greenery dominate the collection, with a dash of pink and the occasional bright pop of yellow adding to the vacation vibe. Green continues to be in the spotlight and green with pink is a key colour pair this season.

H&M Home Spring Summer 2017

KEY ITEMS: Aqua-coloured mini lanterns add to the seaside feel while bohemian influences are displayed through beautifully patterned ocean blue bed linen. Flowered chair pads and green leaves printed on beach towels add a colourful touch and reflect the tropical mood.