Endless possibilities with H&M’s new beauty line for Autumn/Winter 2015

21 October, 2015: From dark and dramatic eyes and lips to flawless neutrals, the new beauty range at H&M has it all for this autumn’s key beauty looks. This season’s mood is highly democratic: graphic, rebellious, playful and neutral make-up looks can all make a fashion statement of their own.   

“It’s wonderful that there are so many looks around this season in beauty. There’s something very liberating about that and we can have fun with it. We have all the colours and textures to express individual style and mood with make-up,” says Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty.

hnm awbeauty 2015

H&M’s comprehensive new beauty collection is full of inspiration and ideas to experiment with for this season:

  • An overall flawlessly groomed aesthetic of fresh but subtly sculpted skin is a potent style statement this autumn. Neutral make-up can be warmed up with sages, cinnamon, terracotta and chestnut colours.
  • A strong matt lip in a deep plum or berry tone is a powerful look for this autumn. But a statement can be made with glossy, high-shine textures for lips too.
  • Texture on the eyelids can be as effective as colour. Play around with high-pigment matts or shimmer, sheer, creamy and wet looks.
  • There is a rebellious mood in the air with lived-in make-up, especially on the eyes. Eyeliners in darker colours such as chocolate, charcoal, slate and of course black used under the eye and in the inner-rim create a sophisticated punk look.
  • Dramatic colours on the lids and lash lines are putting the fun back into make-up. Think of using lilac, teal, salmon pink or brick orange: the possibilities are infinite. Layering and mixing tones of the same colour will have high impact. Emerald, khaki and acid greens can work together. Or mix up different blue shades: turquoise, electric blue or a metallic blue.