Light, Nature and New Possibilities for Spring 2015 at H&M Home

8 January, 2015: “I love the possibilities of spring, as the new season brings light and nature into the home. We have so many great ideas, and amazing new products, to refresh every room in the house,” says Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, H&M Home’s head of design.

There is the warm promise of spring at H&M Home this season, with the spirit of Mediterranean living mixed with influences from nature and the geometrics of new urban living.

Prints of olive trees and ethnic patterns on cushions bring the feel of the Mediterranean to the home, along with linen cushions with raw edges.

Stripes are perfect for every room, from striped and tasselled cushions, to striped and tasselled blankets. There’s also striped bed sets, striped and tasselled placemats and table runners.

Green is important, especially with glass vases for the first flowers of spring, pots for indoor plants, and a green watering can for the inner gardener.

Rugs are an ideal way to refresh interiors for the new season, with either striped and tasselled rugs, or a geometric print rug for a strong graphic element.

The warmth of brass glows in the light of spring, especially in frames, trays, bowls, tea light holders and scented candles.

There’s a focus on the kitchen ready for a new season of entertaining, with wooden cutting boards and storage boxes, along with new herb storage, carafes and bottles for water.

Wire bowls and containers create ever-changing geometric shapes, while perforated metal tealight holders add to the sense of lightness.

Marble-printed porcelain brings a clean, minimal touch to cutting boards and storage, contrasting perfectly with the modernity of metal cutlery.

Texture brings variety, especially with metallic faux snakeskin cushion covers, cushion covers in pleated velvet, and blankets with a pleasing ruffled surface.

Door-knobs and coat hooks provide fresh ways to personalise the home, especially when they reflect the mood of the season, with brass door knobs and wire coat hooks.