VAYCAY ALL DAY – AEO take the girls to Havana Nights and the guys to Cali Cool Beach this Summer with a denim surPRICE!

If the weather hasn’t got you screaming, “Aloha Summer!”, then American Eagle Outfitters Summer collection and NEW denim prices are sure to lead you out the store and to the beach. It’s ‘bout that time to give away last season’s wardrobe to make space for your dreamy Jamaican vacation inspired closet.

Staying true to AEOs essentials, your staple has now become even more affordable. The new denim prices will keep your jaw dropped for the entire Summer, and be prepared, it’s a long season!

For the gals, it’s time to ditch the sarongs and try outerwear for swim cover-ups. A cabana oversized shirt, an embroidered military jacket for a grungy mien, or a mesh kimono for a more romantic play on the beach. AEO Denim shorties available in a variety of washes and styles are the go to travel companion, keeping the fresh look rollin’ against your bronze sun-kissed glow. Choose a favourite from Overalls, Hi-Rise, Midi, Vintage, Patch worked / Embroidered, Two-Tone shorties and pair with a cold shoulder cami for that up-to-the-minute look.

AEO 2017 summer collection

For the guys, on the other hand, it’s prep and rewind on the road less travelled. AEO is your exclusive destination before leaving your comfort zone for adventure – with a swag range of shorts; from destroyed denim to cargo, to classic, longer and shorter lengths in printed or solid colours. Why not break the rules this Summer and pair must-have shorts with an Active AE Tee, Flex Polo, or Short-sleeve Sportshirt with a subtle jacket tied around the waist, a cool nonchalance styling trick? If that’s not your vibe, then pair your desired shorts with an AE Active Tank and a Sportshirt with the top button done.

There’s no excuse this Summer!