Alshaya Group join forces with WEF to support a sustainable future across MENA

Through its membership of the World Economic Forum’s Regional Action Group for the Middle East and North Africa (RAG MENA), Alshaya Group this week (14th September 2020) joined a group of government, business and civil society leaders from across the region to endorse the Principles of Stakeholder Capitalism for the Middle East and North Africa which are designed to inform an inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery for the region.

 Alshaya Group join forces with WEF to support a sustainable future Across MENA

The full text of the WEF news release can be found here.

The seven principles outlined in the WEF announcement are:

1. Crafting inclusive economic policies and a new social contract
2. Stimulating economic integration
3. Reshaping education systems
4. Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution
5. Promoting environmental sustainability
6. Mitigating global health risks
7. Committing to good and agile governance

Commenting , Mohammed Alshaya, Executive Chairman of Alshaya Group said: “The Alshaya Group is very proud to be a signatory of the seven ‘Principles of Stakeholder Capitalism’ that can guide the MENA region as we respond collectively to new challenges in a new era. As regional leaders we share a common responsibility to help shape a dynamic, inclusive, sustainable and prosperous future that benefits society as a whole.”

WEF announced the initiative on Monday 14th September 2020.