Alshaya brands deliver the best service, say happy customers

Customers choose The Cheesecake Factory as top service provider in UAE, Kuwait in annual Service Hero awards

The customers have spoken, and their message is clear: they love the service they get from the food and retail brands operated by M.H. Alshaya Co. Alshaya brands scooped seven awards at the annual Service Hero consumer satisfaction awards, with family restaurant The Cheesecake Factory recognised as the best service provider in both the UAE and Kuwait in the Casual Dining Category, as well as being named in the top three overall service providers in both countries.

Starbucks was named best service provider in the Café category in the UAE, while Alshaya brands also dominated the Clothes and Accessories category, with Debenhams being named best service provider in the UAE and Next getting the award for best service provider in Kuwait, ahead of American Eagle Outfitters and Mothercare.

Service Hero 2016 Cheesecake Factory

The Service Hero Index is a consumer-powered assessment of retail service quality, which assesses companies on eight key customer service dimensions: behaviour, location, speed, product quality, reliability, value to price, call centre, and website. For the latest awards, Service Hero gathered views from more than 18,500 respondents across 15 categories in the UAE and Kuwait.

The 14 categories surveyed were cafes, casual dining, car service, new car sales, clothes, electronics, fast food, home furnishings, Islamic banks, retail banks, mob¬ile operators, new car sales, hospitals, airlines and supermarkets.

Mona Dabbah, Director of Group Customer Services at Alshaya, said the awards highlighted Alshaya's “100% commitment to great customer service”.

"Our aim is to create moments of delight for our customers whenever they are shopping or dining at our stores, cafés, and restaurants," said Ms Dabbah. "We think of the customer in everything we do, and these Service Hero awards are a testimony to the efforts of our people who work so hard to satisfy our customers.

Alshaya's Group Customer Services team operate a range of programmes to understand customers' needs, enhance service levels and continuously improve the in-store experience. The team operates a range of customer feedback channels to listen and respond to customer enquiries and concerns. Alshaya's Customer Service teams are accredited with two ISO certificates for their commitment to, and compliance with, international customer service standards and processes.