Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI launches in KSA

Famous 'No Label' brand introduces innovative new retail concept to KSA.

Japanese lifestyle brand, MUJI, has underlined its growing popularity across the Middle East by opening its first store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the Riyadh Hyatt Mall, in partnership with Alshaya International Trading Co.

With international brand presence in nearly 500 stores in Kuwait, the UAE, Japan, Asia, Europe and the USA, MUJI is dedicated to providing simple, innovative and elegant products which comes from the Japanese notion of 'Kanketsu' that brings a sense of calm into everyday life. The first MUJI store in KSA will offer Saudi customers with an exciting range of over 7,000 products including clothing, furniture, stationery, health & beauty, storage, kitchen and dining as well as travel and bedding.

Alshaya KSA muji

MUJI is derived from its Japanese name, 'Mujirushi Ryohin', which means 'no label quality goods,' and the brand is characterised by its design simplicity and eco-friendly minimal packaging. Saudi customers will find items synonymous with MUJI stores across the world, including high-quality travel accessories and storage solutions.

MUJI is operated in the Middle East through an exclusive franchise agreement between M.H. Alshaya Co. and Ryohin Keikaku Co Ltd, MUJI's parent company.

Satoru Matsuzaki, President & Representative Director of MUJI's holding company, said: 'We are proud to introduce our distinctive 'no brand' philosophy to the Saudi market, which is a rapidly growing retail market. We look forward to introducing Saudi customers to a new shopping experience with simple yet innovative products.'

Alshaya ksa muji

Commenting on MUJI's launch in KSA, Mohammed Alshaya, Executive Chairman of M.H. Alshaya Co. said: 'Our partnership with MUJI is built on mutual respect and a shared vision of bringing innovative brands to new markets. We believe that MUJI's international appeal will translate well with Saudi customers, who are discerning and brand-savvy.'

As with its products, the MUJI store reflects a natural environment through a mix of building materials such as wood, metal and ceramic echoing the essence of the brand's philosophy in modesty and understated style.

Offering functional products that easily blend in with any decor, MUJI has approached product design with tremendous restraint. However, its deceptively simple products are no accident; the design of each product is derived from careful consideration to how people live and how they use these products in their homes.

Alshaya ksa muji

Featuring an assortment of over 7,000 products, the MUJI experience is set in a natural environment featuring a blend of wood and metal store fittings, perfectly reflecting the essence of MUJI's understated style. From unique, practical gifts to help with decluttering a home, MUJI's product range offers shoppers a variety of options to choose from.

As MUJI brings smart lifestyle products to the Middle East market, customers will also find a unique experience through smart and innovative products that make a difference in their everyday lives.