KidZania Kuwait's Young Reporters to Scoop the Latest News with Al-Watan Newspaper

Kuwait, 18 July 2013: KidZania Kuwait is delighted that Al-Watan Newspaper is sponsoring the Newspaper Edition establishment as part of the dynamic children’s city. Al-Watan, one of the leading Arabic language newspapers in Kuwait, will provide fun and educational news reporting activities for children within the Newspaper News Desk and Newspaper Stand.

Al-Watan’s Newspaper Edition at the child-sized city, operated by M. H. Alshaya Co., will foster and encourage children’s writing skills.  Children will be given stories to report on from within KidZania Kuwait, which will then feature in the Al-Watan branded KidZania newspaper. This full immersion in the reporting world will show children how a newspaper runs, to ‘hit’ deadlines and to ’cover’ the events of  stories taking place in KidZania Kuwait.  News reporting will encourage the use of imagination and creativity in each child reporter.

At the Newspaper Stand, children can role-play as a newspaper salesperson or a customer.   The professional interaction builds communication skills and teaches children the value of financial literacy as they make use of kidZos (KidZania’s currency).

Ahmed Al-Jassim, CEO and Chairman of Al-Watan, said: “Al-Watan Newspaper’s partnership with KidZania Kuwait will prompt an interest amongst youngsters in journalism. News reporting and writing is an opportunity to give a free rein to children’s creativity and hone their talents, which is the essence of Al-Watan.”

Commenting on the partnership, Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure & Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co. said: “Al-Watan Newspaper’s establishments in KidZania will nurture children’s self-confidence, teamwork, and creativity.  This partnership is in line with our vision to foster children’s skills by introducing them to different career paths they can choose from.”

In addition to journalism, KidZania Kuwait offers children the chance to engage in 100 activities, and role-play 80 professions, such as doctor, firefighter, pilot and many more. KidZania Kuwait officially opened its doors to children across Kuwait on 17 June 2013 and is now welcoming hundreds of visitors every day to their city, located at the Mall - The Avenues. KidZania Kuwait is a 7,000 square meter area designed as a children sized-city to entertain and educate children up to 14 years old. The child-sized metropolis functions just like a real one, offering kids and visitors an exceptional experience in a safe and secure environment.