KidZania's Rightskeepers arrive in Town!

KidZania Kuwait welcomes the guardians of KidZania’s six fundamental rights

KUWAIT, March 30, 2013 - KidZania Kuwait is delighted to announce the arrival of its Rightskeepers, the most celebrated residents of the award-winning children’s edutainment center scheduled to open soon in Kuwait. As KidZania’s guardians, this group of five adventurous characters: Urbano, Beebop, Chika, Vita and Bache - two girls, two boys and the kids’ pet dog are the entrusted keepers of KidZania’s six fundamental rights: To Be, To Know, To Create, To Share, To Care and To Play.

Tied together as family and friends, the creation of Urbano, Vita, Bache, Chika and Beebop as ‘Rightskeepers’ comes from the belief that KidZania’s moral and social values will always be cared for and remembered by kids as they depart to take on the grown up world. These Kidzania values are embedded in the Rightskeepers’ personalities, and through their charm and vitality, they will instill the city’s fundamental beliefs in children of KidZania Kuwait.

Expressing delight at their arrival, Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure & Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya said: “We are delighted to receive KidZania’s Rightskeepers in Kuwait. The excitement associated with their arrival further intensifies everyone’s anticipation for the opening; thus making it one of the most awaited events in every child’s calendar.” He added, “One of the most important aspects of edutainment at KidZania is the existence of the fundamental rights To Be, To Know, To Create, To Share, To Care and To Play. KidZania’s Rightskeepers hold universal values which children can easily relate to. Most importantly they play a significant role in the growth and development of future generations.”

Urbano, the nine year old ingenious one, and an independent learner, is entrusted with the 'Right to Know’. He is also a curious mind who loves to understand how things work.  The seven year old generous Vita stands for the 'Right to Care'. Her actions are reflected in everything she says or does, and her love for everything living is evident through her kindness and sweetness. Bache, the enthusiastic pet dog, has the 'Right to Play’ and indulge in having fun especially while learning something new.

Chika, a ten year old fashion icon and a committed friend is motivated by the 'Right to Share,' that instills the values of sharing and caring in children. Beebop is a shy yet clever, cool and talented ten year old who loves to constantly analyze things. He always says the right thing while firmly upholding the 'Right to Create'. Last but not the least, all the five characters also stand for the sixth right and the most fundamental: the Right to Be.

KidZania’s Rightskeepers are role models to all in thought and actions, and each is considered to be an iconic element in KidZania’s community. Together, their combined independent rights are a powerful motivation and inspiration for children, exemplifying what it means To Be.

Operated by M.H Alshaya, KidZania Kuwait will soon open its doors at The Mall - The Avenues where children up to 14 years old will be able to role-play from 78 exciting jobs and 100 fun activities. KidZania provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them: role-playing by mimicking traditionally 'adult' activities and offers an enriching and positive experience for children, enabling them to get ready for a better world.