Veranda opens its doors to introduce the first luxury haute cuisine dining concept from Harvey Nichols Kuwait

Kuwait, March 12, 2013: Véranda, the long-awaited new luxury dining concept, opened its doors to Kuwait customers on the 12th of March on the first floor of Harvey Nichols Kuwait.

Véranda promises to be the destination for haute cuisine, combining a delicately conceived menu from world-class chefs and an ambiance taking into account the finest of interior décor details. An exclusive concept based around Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine with influential Asian fusions, Véranda’s menu includes Wagyu fillet and Rib-eye Rossini, using the finest organic and exclusively imported ingredients from around the world.

The succulent starter menu choices focus on Middle Eastern concepts that reflect a sense of hospitality and convivial gatherings to enjoy unique interpretations of Humous, Moutabal and a Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon, presented in a glass cloche, enveloping the salmon in smoke which hits the diner’s senses when revealed.

For main dishes, attention is on seasonality and freshness.  Lamb Moussaka is a special treat with the lamb being cooked slowly for five hours in a Josper oven.  The main course star is Hamour cooked in a Jellab reduction sauce, unique to the culinary world.

For customers wanting to indulge in exotic and scented desserts, the Crème Brulee triology is divine, with a Madagascar Vanilla Pod Crème Brulee, a Rose Crème Brule and delighting the palate finally with Pistachio Crème Brulee.

Even the coffee at Véranda has been meticulously planned, with an in-house roasting preparation taking place in the kitchen for the best quality beans sourced from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil and Ethiopia, offering guests exquisite espressos, sultry house blends and frothy Italian milk styles such as cappuccinos and lattes, with the option to purchase coffee grinds for enjoying their strong aroma and flavour at home. For decaf coffee lovers, the decaf process at Véranda is like no other, with an in-house Swiss-water system to ensure the cleanest, most organic decaffeinated option in Kuwait. For tea lovers, Véranda offers one of the largest menus of fine teas in the Middle East, with 21 different tea blends, all as meticulously sourced and refined as their coffee counterparts.

The environment at Véranda was conceptualised by internationally acclaimed hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany, who creating a dynamic space tailored to Kuwait’s discerning, local community and cosmopolitan clientele. Véranda’s ambiance is a welcome respite from the bustling, luxury shopping environment outside its doors, occupying a 10,000 square foot space overlooking the Grand Avenue of The Avenues. The restaurant’s scale and spacious layout echoes the grand scope of the Harvey Nichols Kuwait’s shopping experience while managing to convey a sense of intimacy and serenity.

Véranda’s muted color palette and open layout combine to create a high-style retreat, with light wood beams on one side of the dining area buttressing an all-encompassing white ceiling, composed of curvaceous layers; these undulating forms ultimately bend into layered, white walls opposite the beam structures. The minimalist surroundings, low dining tables and complimentary views from each seat encourage guests to relax and embrace the easy setting and delectable food on offer, and the subtle yet definite segregation of two different seating sections – the upper section being cosier and more intimate, the lower being more open and facing the Grand Avenue – offer clientele the option of having a private retreat or a meal with a view.

Landscaping also plays a pivotal role in Véranda’s composition. Plants drape from the walls at varying heights and shapely trees are strategically placed throughout the dining area.  Véranda’s designers also teamed up with artist Bram Tihany, who created a monumental, photographic mural depicting site-specific topiary sculptures of playful forms resembling stilettos, handbags and sunglasses. Located at the entrance of the restaurant, this majestic bespoke mural transforms the patrons’ arrival to the space into a memorable event.

Located on the first floor of Harvey Nichols Kuwait, guests can enter Véranda directly off the Grand Avenue and experience haute cuisine of a lifetime for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all those magnificent moments in between.