MUJI gets ready to open in Kuwait and Dubai with Alshaya

Kuwait, 27 December 2012: MUJI, the famous Japanese lifestyle brand dedicated to providing thousands of simple, innovative and elegant products, is getting ready to launch in the Middle East, with the opening of its first two stores in Kuwait and Dubai. MUJI will be operated in the Middle East through a franchise agreement between Alshaya and Ryohin Keikaku Co, Ltd, the parent company of MUJI.

The first MUJI store will open in Kuwait in January 2013 at the Grand Avenue, The Avenues, with a large 1,000m2 flagship store. A second, 950m2 store will follow later in Spring 2013 when MUJI opens at Dubai Mall in the UAE.

MUJI is characterised by its design simplicity and minimal packaging. MUJI’s unique lifestyle range of over 7,500 products spans furniture, storage and household goods, as well as men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, luggage, stationery and gifts. MUJI is derived from its Japanese name, ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’, which means ‘no label quality goods’. The brand is renowned for its careful selection of materials and its use of efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, as well as for its simple look and packaging which have created MUJI’s reputation as the ‘no-brand’ brand.

Launched in Japan in 1980 with only 40 products, MUJI captured the spirit of the times with its no label, value-led, ‘less is more’ concept. Today MUJI is a renowned producer of stylish, functional and affordable quality goods that are relevant to all aspects of urban living, whether at work, rest or play.