KidZania Kuwait and to Help Children Choose Their Dream Profession

Kuwait, 3 December 2012: KidZania Kuwait is pleased to announce as the latest partner to join the highly anticipated children’s city., the number one job site in the Middle East, will sponsor the Job Information Center within the M.H. Alshaya franchised ‘edutainment’ center. Children will have the opportunity to explore their abilities and interests and how these could be built into a CV to help them apply for one of the many roles available in KidZania Kuwait.

As a partner of this award-winning ‘edutainment’ concept, will help children learn about the recruitment process in a real-life setting. Children will create a CV on an iPad to help them search for the right job role for them in KidZania Kuwait.’s establishment will also allow children to role-play as either a Sales Agent or a Resume Researcher.


As a Sales Agent, children will collect career information from the park’s different establishments to help other children understand KidZania’s job market. Resume Researchers, a role exclusive to KidZania Kuwait, will learn how to support their peers in their search for a ‘new career’ by matching a potential candidate’s resume to a specific job description and direct them to an appropriate establishment. The exciting roles offered by will teach children how to collect and input data, manage time, interact positively with each other and understand the value of money as they earn kidZos (KidZania’s currency) for their recruitment services.

Akram Assaf, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at commented on the partnership: "Our mission at is to empower people with the tools and knowledge to build their lifestyle of choice. We are very pleased to be entering into an alliance with KidZania Kuwait, which complements our mission. We believe it is essential to nurture young minds and help them understand how the job market supply and demand functions, as well as empower them with a better perspective of the possibilities for future careers."

“At we ensure that our services provide people with the best tools and knowledge that enables them to be career-focused and find the job that really suits their skills and abilities. We are very pleased to be entering into a partnership with KidZania Kuwait, which complements our mission of empowering people to make the best choices. We believe it is essential to nurture young minds and help them understand how the world’s economy functions, as well as enabling them to better prepare for future careers.”

Fernando Medora, Vice President of Leisure & Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya, the leading international retail franchise operator, said: “The partnership is fundamentally important as it will help children understand and be more aware of how their interests and skills can lead to finding their ideal role-play career within our ‘edutainment’ park. We are delighted to have on board to help develop this particular establishment as we are certain they will help eager young minds hone their skills and potential for a better world.”

Children will be able to learn basic career development skills at’s Job Information Center, and choose from up to KidZania Kuwait’s 78 establishments and 100 activities, when the park welcomes visitors soon in The Mall - The Avenues.