Organic and natural - Balance between beauty and nature - In-house science

Tromborg brings to you luxury, pure skincare and make-up products to access your natural beauty and uplift your sense of well-being through a fragrant universe of essential oils and their aroma therapeutic benefits, which will not only care for your skin but also ignite your senses.

Founded by Marianne Tromborg along with Creative Director Michael Wendt in 2003, Tromborg is based on Marianne’s own personal and professional approach to beauty. Only the purest organic essential oils have been selected, for their fantastic therapeutic benefits to create the product.

The brand strives to create products that are easy to use, gentle yet effective and suited for all skin types. They are based on modern values and combine life style, aesthetics, beauty and well-being. Quality and effectiveness of the product is taken very seriously at Tromborg.

Besides Tromborg Professional Make Up, the company offers Tromborg Scandinavian Mood – a range of beauty essentials – and Tromborg Treatment, a line of high-end creams and serums, as well as Tromborg Beauty of North, which is a new high-performance advanced skincare line.

Tromborg operates under principles of Scandinavian simplicity, purity, and science.

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