Le Labo

Founded in 2006, Le Labo is a New York–based perfume house that has become iconic for its collection of handmade perfumes and home scents available in a limited number of stores and labs around the world. Le Labo works with some of the world's most creative and talented perfumers and uses only the highest quality raw ingredients.

We work with a community of craftswomen and craftsmen who contribute to and shape our world: the perfumer, the lab technician, the candle pourer, the rose harvester. The Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi (the art of imperfection) is our main inspiration.

Each location is designed as a fragrance lab open to the public. The core of our collection is our 15 unisex perfumes and soy-based wax candles created by some of the world's best noses and using the most qualitative ingredients. We also offer personalized labels which makes our creations the perfect gift!

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