Etude House

As Korea’s first specialized makeup brand, ETUDE HOUSE has made beauty dreams come true with fun and playful products and packaging to help all customers enjoy and self-discover their unique beauty. It created a culture of makeup play in its stores with feminine and playful products to emphasize its brand philosophy that every woman was born a dignified being and deserves to be valued.

The word 'etude', meaning 'study or practice' in French language, originally refers to a short musical composition designed to be used as a practice material for perfecting techniques for a particular musical instrument. Just like a beautiful song is completed through numerous practices, ETUDE HOUSE wishes to help its customers discover their unique beauty, through makeup practice.

With its quality products, plus adorable, whimsical and trendy packaging design available at reasonable price, ETUDE HOUSE is being admired as the No.1 Korean beauty makeup brand, leading in new trends and innovations not only in Korea, but throughout the world.

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