Baking is Rocco Princi’s calling. Ever since he opened the first Princi boutique bakery and café in Milan in 1986, he brought the Italian art of baking to life using only the best ingredients and simple, yet traditional artisanal techniques.

Princi uses the term “Spirito di Milano,” the essence and energy of Milan, to capture the feeling from that bakery, and infuses it into everything he creates. Over the next three decades Rocco Princi built a legacy, expanding the brand over three continents.

The style of Princi bakeries is marked by an elegant and refined minimalism which is reflected in their products. Menus for “every moment” range from early morning offerings like artisan breads and Italian pastries, to lunch and dinner options like pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads, and beautifully crafted handmade desserts.

In 2016 Starbucks chose Princi as the exclusive global food partner for its Starbucks Roasteries where his artisanal baked goods are served alongside the freshly roasted single-origin Starbucks Reserve coffees.

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