Castania Nut Boutique

Castania, the Lebanese Roasting Company, was founded in 1985. Castania has successfully expanded since its inception and currently leads the Lebanese nuts market with a wide range of products.

Castania Nut Boutique, a franchise renowned for selling the finest quality nuts and other products from around the world, offers buyers exquisite, fresh, premium, dry and roasted nuts. At Castania Nut Boutique, each product is fresh with no artificial preservatives.Because of a rigorous process of selection and packaging, Castania’s nuts have been duly recognized in Europe and the Middle East for their packaging standards. A wide range is available from fresh to raw nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and many more. Also offered at the boutique are the “jangada” (extra-large size) cashew nuts.

Apart from high quality nuts, Castania is also selling sweet nougats and malban. Malban is a famous Middle Eastern sweet made of dried exotic fruit paste and covered with nuts. To ensure premium quality, nuts at the Castania Nut Boutique are hand selected and specially packaged to retain their freshness.

Also available at the boutique are several different kinds of chocolates and Lebanese roasted Brazilian coffee. Some of the other products sold at the boutique are dry fruits, syrups and Dragees.

Castania provides you with a variety of exclusive gifts choices, tailored to your taste to surprise your loved ones.“Castania” a distinction of taste, brought to perfection over years of passionate dedication. Every nut has been carefully transformed into a savory bite, to create a product tailored to your taste.

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