American Eagle

We are American Eagle, and since our start in 1977, we’ve built our brand on the power of diversity, the freedom of inclusivity, and a desire to embrace what is authentically you. We are the brand of free spirits. We dare to be ourselves and unleash the powers of optimism, because we know when you put good vibes out there, you get good things back in return. Our mission is not just to love ourselves, but to show love to the planet by sourcing more sustainable materials, saving water, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our heritage started with our jeans, and we’ve since grown to be the #1 jeans brand in the US among high school and college students. But we’re so much more than your favorite, lived-in pair of denim — we offer the full outfit to help you feel like your best, most comfortable self. We understand the magic of self-expression, and we offer all of the matching sets, breezy button-downs, soft-to-the-touch tees, and easy loungewear that already feel like well-loved favorites.

Come be you with us.

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