We’re proud of the coffee we serve to our customers, and we’re equally proud of the work we do to engage, support and empower the communities we cater to.

We don’t just invest in great products; we invest in great people and great places so that the impact we have on society is a positive and lasting one. Starbucks is committed to building connections that develop, evolve and flourish over time and grow into something deep and meaningful. We don’t just want to be somewhere for you to grab your morning latte on the way to work from, a place to order a lunchtime pick-me-up cappuccino or the place to catch up with friends over a coffee and slice of cake. Instead, we strive to be part of your community, part of your daily routine, part of your life. 

The Starbucks 19th annual Global Social Impact Report shows that across the region, Starbucks is having a positive impact on individuals, neighborhoods and people’s livelihoods. Whether it’s through company-wide initiatives or the charitable work of the Starbucks Foundation, we’ve shown our support for great causes and movements through meaningful contributions to boost efforts and benefit individuals and locations that need help the most.

The below infographic explains in detail the work carried out by Starbucks as part of its far-reaching social impact strategy, its goals and its success. 

Recently, the Starbucks Foundation and our Kuwaiti partner, the Alshaya Group, each made matching $100,000 donations to support disaster relief efforts on the ground in Beirut after the blast that devastated the city. On behalf of the Starbucks Foundation, this translated to a $75,000 donation to CARE, who continue to provide shelter and assistance to homeless families, and $25,000 to World Central Kitchen, who serve thousands of meals each day at local hospitals, to seniors isolated at home, first responders, volunteers and community organisations, while our 200+ partners around the region rallied with us to boost ongoing clean-up operations across the city. The second donation of $100,000 by the Alshaya Group, was presented to a local Lebanese-based aid charity, Offre Joie, to provide shelter for displaced families and helped to organise volunteers to clean up and rehabilitate homes following the disastrous events of 4 August 2020. 

We’ve shown our commitment to employee diversity by creating meaningful job opportunities for young people from all walks of life, particularly those from marginalised society groups.

Our drive to improve sustainability across our stores and operations is reflected in our pledge to be resource positive by 2030, and we’ve introduced exciting and innovative projects to reduce our carbon footprint and lower water, food and packaging waste to make sure we achieve these goals. Starbuck’s environmental aspirations, ambition to be a positive member of the community and determination to continue to support people, places and causes that need our help are firmly grounded in our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, cup and neighborhood at a time.