Sustainability and innovation – these two words are at the very heart of our world view and are the essential foundations for which we work.

We’ve always believed that these words are connected; they go hand in hand, each relying on the other and when applied together towards finding a solution, produce exceptional results. Sustainability and innovation are the keys to overcoming the new challenges we will face as we move forward with our objective of being resource positive by 2030.

Our history is filled with examples of sustainability and innovation  working in partnership to find workable, greener solutions, such as the introduction of a cup sleeve made from 60% recycled content to help eliminate the practice of ‘double cupping’ and the development of the NextGen paper cup. 

Our new strawless lid represents another leap forward towards achieving our Starbucks Sustainability Commitment goals. Fully recyclable, the industry-leading strawless lid helps to reduce any negative effects on the world around us, greatly reduces the amount of resources we use, and helps to direct more waste away from landfill. Fully designed, developed and manufactured by Starbucks, the strawless lid is lightweight and secure. It will be the standard for all iced coffee, tea espresso, and Starbucks Refreshers beverages. Boasting a familiar yet modern and original look, the strawless lid’s ergonomically constructed design helps to enhance the experience of drinking your favorite Starbucks beverage by enriching the flavour and allowing the consumer to enjoy a range of textures.  This can be fully experienced with our Nitro Cold Brew, with the slow-steeped coffee’s super-smooth and famously delicate, velvety crema taste accentuated with each sip taken through the lid’s slightly raised sipping hole. Drinking your Nitro Cold Brew through a strawless lid allows for the optimal pairing of delicious, frothy taste and creamy texture with each sip so you experience the beverage as it was meant to be enjoyed. 

Strawless lids will become the new normal at Starbucks stores across the MENA region, reducing the need for traditional straws completely, cutting waste, encouraging an increase in recycling and reshaping the tried and tested takeaway coffee concept towards a new, more sustainable future.